BOXED UP, a brand new episodic romantic comedy musical, follows the story of Marnie, a lovable shut in, who uses home delivery services to remove the need for her to leave the house. But when a charming and a-dork-able delivery guy, Jake, stumbles into her life Marnie begins to wonder if her life is as perfectly balanced as she once thought. BOXED UP pokes fun at our modern obsession with technology and on demand service apps while fully embracing the musical theatre genre. It is also a unique theatrical experience that injects the short attention span of television viewing into a musical.

Episodes 1 & 2 now on Spotify!

  • What a great show!!! We look forward to the next episodes. Very lively and entertaining!
    — Patrick McClain, Facebook
  • Such a fun and creative show. Can't wait until next episode!!
    — Patrice Boyan, Facebook
  • This was a hilarious episode of our current lifestyle.
    — Gabriel Cronan, Facebook
  • This is great and speaks to todays "Boxed Up" society!
    — Barbara Bassett-Hayes, Facebook