Boxed Up: The Musical

Produced by Chris Lango, Video Services provided by Steve Davis Productions

Boxed Up is an original musical theatre project developed by David Taylor (composer), Wesley Gomes (producer), and Joelle Robertson (producer). As residents of the Warehouse Artist Lofts (WAL) David and Wesley had a desire to bring musical theatre to WAL's monthly FiRSt Friday event. Recruiting fellow theatre professional Joelle, and a team of writers, the creative team conspired to put together an immersive episodic musical theatre experience. Boxed Up is a romantic comedy broken up into 6 episodes. Each episode will be performed 4 times during each FiRSt Friday event. 

Boxed Up, as a concept, started as a desire for us to participate in the FiRSt Friday event and engage with our neighbors and the artistic community at the Warehouse Artists Lofts. We brought together a talented group of people willing to take on the challenge of a 1 month production cycle to create a show that is funny, relevant, and has some great music. Boxed Up pokes fun at our modern obsession with technology and on demand service apps while fully embracing the musical theatre genre.
— Wesley Gomes, Producer

BOXED UP, a brand new episodic romantic comedy musical, follows the story of Marnie, a lovable shut in, who uses home delivery services to remove the need for her to leave the house. But when a charming and a-dork-able delivery guy, Jake, stumbles into her life Marnie begins to wonder if her life is as perfectly balanced as she once thought. BOXED UP pokes fun at our modern obsession with technology and on demand service apps while fully embracing the musical theatre genre. It is also a unique theatrical experience that injects the short attention span of television viewing into a musical.

Episodes 1 & 2 now on Spotify!

  • What a great show!!! We look forward to the next episodes. Very lively and entertaining!
    — Patrick McClain, Facebook
  • Such a fun and creative show. Can't wait until next episode!!
    — Patrice Boyan, Facebook
  • This was a hilarious episode of our current lifestyle.
    — Gabriel Cronan, Facebook
  • This is great and speaks to todays "Boxed Up" society!
    — Barbara Bassett-Hayes, Facebook

Episode 1

May 5, 2017


We meet Marion who has created a life for herself in which she never needs to leave her apartment. Anthony, Marion's charismatic neighbor and best friend, encourages Marion to get out of her house to see what life has to offer. Marion meets a new delivery person who may just convince her to change her ways.

It's a new day and a new Marion. Jake's unexpected appearance has caused ripples in Marion's perfectly balanced life. Anthony has his own relationship troubles and Marion has a little adventure outside of her apartment. Stand back! Addison arrives on the scene! And don't worry. Your friendly neighborhood Diva's are back to guide you through the emotional landscape that is Boxed Up!

Episode 2

June 2, 2017


Addison set Marion up on date but does she really appreciate what Addison has done for her? Anthony steps up to help Marion prep for the big date. Marion convinces Anthony to get Addison out of way. Leaving her apartment is not an option so Marion has to get creative.  Jake arrives.

Episode 3

July 7, 2017

The day after the big date, Marion is in cloud 9 or is she? Jake is ready to move forward.  Kris, Addison's fiancé, shows up unannounced. Where did Addison and Anthony go? Is the wedding doomed? Anthony brings in reinforcements to get Marion out of the apartment.

Episode 4

August 4th, 2017

Episode 5

September 7th, 2017

Anita Proceedure hosts an epic rooftop party. Marion eats a pot brownie and heads up to join the festivities with Anthony and Addison in tow. Will Kris show up to confront Addison? Anthony's boyfriend, Tucker, the trucker is back in town! 

Episode 6

October 6th, 2017

Marion has retreated to the safety of her apartment. Did Addison and Kris ever make up? Anthony feels bad about forcing Marion to Anita's party. Marion hasn't talked to anyone in a few days. Anthony and Addison join forces for a wellness check. Will Marion give up trying to leave her apartment?


Not your classic shut-in, Marion has discovered that with services like Amazon Prime, FoodJets, and Postmates she never has to leave her apartment. Marion has even found the perfect work from home job, writing on-line product reviews. Can anything, or anyone, get Marion to change her ways?


Marion's charismatic neighbor and best friend. Anthony is Marion's only real window to the world outside her apartment. With few boundaries Anthony inserts himself into Marion's life and he thinks it's about time for her to get out of the house.


A handsome and endearing package delivery driver. Jake has a new route that includes Marion's apartment building. With all of the products Marion orders and reviews Jake is going to be making regular visits to her front door.


Marion's overbearing and self-absorbed older sister. With her upcoming wedding and her own issues to contend with Addison doesn't have time for Marion's problems.




Addison's much more laid back and easy going fiancée.

The Divas

Not your average greek chorus. . .