Not your classic shut-in, Marion has discovered that with services like Amazon Prime, FoodJets, and Postmates she never has to leave her apartment. Marion has even found the perfect work from home job, writing on-line product reviews. Can anything, or anyone, get Marion to change her ways?


Marion's charismatic neighbor and best friend. Anthony is Marion's only real window to the world outside her apartment. With few boundaries Anthony inserts himself into Marion's life and he thinks it's about time for her to get out of the house.


A handsome and endearing package delivery driver. Jake has a new route that includes Marion's apartment building. With all of the products Marion orders and reviews Jake is going to be making regular visits to her front door.


Marion's overbearing and self-absorbed older sister. With her upcoming wedding and her own issues to contend with Addison doesn't have time for Marion's problems.




Addison's much more laid back and easy going fiancée.

The Divas

Not your average greek chorus. . .